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Everyone dreams but the future belongs to those who believe in the success of their dreams. A dream of a passionate professional who wanted to excel in their services and behavior for creating value, success and prosperity. At Bumzee’s, we are proud to tell, We have been creating superb success stories since first time we presented in 2010.

Our Philosophy - It’s quite simple: it’s all about A name which is not selling food but selling dreams. Bumzee’s dream is alive since forever but the first step of long planned journey was taken way back in 2008 under the umbrella of VolMax Pvt ltd. Our journey wouldn't have been possible without our team of seasoned professional, who accomplished and managed to expand its name across the metropolis by creating a name by its preferred tastes.

To meet the expectations of our loyal patrons in years to come Bumzee’s dream will be expanded into more openings at different popular locations.

The world is moving so fast these days that one who says dream can be real is generally implemented by someone else. But if you follow the dream; it will give you a way to success and Bumzee’s is one of its live example.We promise you that this is just the beginning of our dream. Its not just limited to Pakistan but to serve globally. Dream is in the name of Bumzee’s that it exists and it will serve its patrons because dreams know their ways.


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